Bev, twenty-one, giant loser, coffee, cupcake, and roleplay addict. Also the laziest asshole around. This is not an rph so.. sorry about that. This is just a place for me to keep my rp stuff and various resources.

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my favorite curse word is
fucking asshole


As requested by gleelookalikes here are 46 Lookslike Finntana Images. There are some NSFW images under the readmore. Credit to the owners of the images. Please like or reblog if you found this helpful. 

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This is the greatest day of my life. I would be so happy working with flowers every day. How nice is this?!

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photo hunt → geek parenting on instagram


↳ Under the cut there are #214 pictures from Instagram that can be used for characters raising adorable little fanboys and fangirls. BE PREPARED FOR A LOT OF FEELS!!!

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The title of theme is called “Safe and Sound.” I didn’t have too much of a titel inspriation since I mainly wanted this to be a simple theme. And since I used the lovely Jennifer Lawrence as my mascot for this theme, I figured a song from her movie would be fine.


Like before, the same rules applied to my old themes.

  • You may not redistribute this theme as your own. Nor can you use my theme as a base code.
  • You cannot remove any of the credits that I have placed on this place. If you do, a simple drop to myask about placing it someplace else is acceptable. 
  • Feel free to edit this theme to your liking though I’m hoping there won’t be too much editing at all. 
  • If you need any help, don’t hesitate to send me a message for that. 


  • In this theme you will find a background picture in your options but no backbar on the entries.
  • The dimensions for “image” is 120 x 120
  • There are nine links - seven of them are customizable. 

Direct link to preview here ; Direct link to pastebin here

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she is YOUR mother. SHE UPSETSE ME

I’m sorrehhh


don’t sigh at me, i’m not the one that said it.